Friday, November 1, 2013

Cute Misunderstandings

my daughter is a big (almost) 5 year old girl, here is a list of mistakes she believes that I find cute:

1. She thinks the reason we buy things is because they are CHEAP. Sometimes it's embarrassing though, she once run around a toy shop yelling, "Mommy all toys in this shop are cheap right? I can buy all I want!"

2. She thinks the reason for babies is "kekkon" (wedding), and those babies wiggled... out of mommies' tummy through belly buttons.
3. She believes fat tummy mean there is a cute baby inside.
4. She loves her little brother and baby boy she thinks she might want to have oniichan (big brother)
5. She recognizes Abe soori daijin (Japan Prime Minister Abe) when he appears on TV, but she thinks he is a "daigaku no sensei" (lecturer/professor from some university). When Japan's diet member is having meeting broadcasted live on TV and PM Abe was answering diet member's question, she said "thats Abe soori daijin teaching!" I cant help to just laugh sooo hard!
6. She loves her relatives, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunties, cousins too! but she thinks it's because they are HER friends! I explained simple family tree but she doesnt understand it, yet...I hope.
7. She thinks there is a cake, er.... a DECORATED CAKE for every occasion, like christmast cake, halloween cake, birthday cake, Ramadhan cake, Ied's cake and so on.
8. She knows the word "gaijin" (alien/foreigner/outsider in Japan), but she didnt know that her mother is one of them, until recently. Once an innocent little girl in our new neighbourhood asked me "why would a gaijin live here?" which I could only smile in reply. After she is out of sight, my daughter held my hands and said, "its okay mommy, I am a gaijin too!".

The list may go on and on....and though I thought it would be a funny post, Im finding myself teary now ;

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